Institutional projects in operation

Institutional Projects in Operation

S. NO. Title of the of Project Principal Investigator Duration of Project Total Sanction Budget (In lakhs)
1. Studies on Urohydropropulsion and Tubecystostomy for surgical Management of Urolithiasis in goats. Dr. Ramesh Tiwary, Asstt Prof., Department of Surgery & Radiology, BVC, Patna 02 Years 1.00
2. Radiographic and Sonographic screening of cardiac, hepatic and urinogenital diseases of canine. Dr. Pallav Shekhar, Asstt Prof., Department of Vety. Medicine, BVC, Patna 01 Year 0.50
3. Bio-fabrication of Gold Nano particles and its anti-proliferative effect in cell line. Dr. Ajeet Kumar, Asstt Prof., Department of Vety Biochemistry BVC, Patna 03 Years 7.00
4. Comparison and development of standard protocol of oestrous synchronization in anoestrous buffaloes. Dr. Ankesh Kumar, Asstt Prof.,Department of TVCC, BVC, Patna 02 Years 0.75
5. Formulation and evaluation of Area Specific Mineral Mixture on the performance of dairy cattle and buffaloes. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, Asstt Prof., Department of Animal Nutrition, BVC, Patna 02 Years 3.00
6. Assessment of Moringa oleifera as a fodder Dr. Ravi Ranjan Kumar Sinha, Asstt Prof., Department of LPM, BVC, Patna 02 Years 3.60
7. Process standardization and optimization for shelf life enhancement of Paneer from milk of Bihar origin. Dr. J. Badshah, Prof. Department   of Dairy Engineering, SGIDT, Patna 02 years 8.00
8. Isolation and characterization of bacteriophages targeting food borne pathogens from sewage samples of livestock farm Dr. Anjay, Asstt. Prof., VPHE 03 years 8.00
9. Adoption of Quail farming in different system and assessment of its productivity performance under deep litter and cage system of housing Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Asstt. Prof., VAHE 02 years 4.48
10. Evaluation of Proliferative and apoptotic markers in Canine mammary tumour for diagnosis and prognosis Dr. Kaushal Kumar, Asstt. Prof., Department of Pathology, BVC, Patna 02 years 9.38
11. Colorimetric detection of E. coli, Streptococcus spp. and Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitis milk samples by optical biosensing using oligonuceleotide- Gold Nanoparticles Dr. Ajeet Kumar, Asstt. Prof., Department of Biochemistry, BVC, Patna 03 years 12.50
12. Metagenomic analysis of chicken gut microflora and its modulation by supplementation of tannins and virginiamycin Dr. Kaushalendra Kumar, Asstt. Prof., Department of Animal Nutrition, BVC, Patna 02 years 15.62
13. Inventorization and documentation of aquatic resources and resource users of Kishanganj district of Bihar Dr V P Saini , Dean,
College of Fisheries, Kishanganj
03 years 17.72