SGIDT Dairy Technology


Dairy Technology is the core department of Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Dairy Technology, Patna. For the last two years, establishment of plant and machinery for processing of milk and products like cream, butter, ghee is under process. The department has recently started         M. Tech (DT) program to provide elite ‘human resource’ for various managerial positions in the industry. The main R&D thrust of this department has been on the development of appropriate technologies for processing of milk and milk products for which technologies already developed in the advanced countries of the world could not be adopted as such. The Department of Dairy Technology is involved in teaching, research and extension activities and has made significant contributions to the developments of technological know-how for the dairy industry.

PG Research:

  1. Process Standardization of Khoa based Ramdana (Amanath grain) lai.

Courses offered

  1. Tech (Dairy Technology)
S. No.Course No.Course TitleCr. Hrs.
1DTT- 121Market Milk4 (3+1)
2DTT-212Traditional Indian Dairy Products3 (2+1)
3DTT-213Fat-rich Dairy Products3 (2+1)
4DTT-214Condensed  & Dried Milks4 (3+1)
5DTT-221Cheese Technology5 (3+2)
6DTT-222Ice-Cream and Frozen Desserts3 (2+1)
7DTT-311By-Products Technology3 (2+1)
8DTT-312Packaging of Dairy Products3 (2+1)
9DTT-321Sensory Evaluation of Dairy Products3 (2+1)
10DTT- 322Food Technology I3 (2+1)
11DTT-421Dairy Plant Management2 (1+1)
12DTT-422Waste Disposal & Pollution Management2 (1+1)
13DTT-423Food Technology II3 (2+1)


RDWEPI:  Students READY Rural Dairy Work Experience Program-I(Summer Break)

RDWEPII:  Students READY Rural Dairy Work Experience Program-II(Summer Break)


S. No. NameDesignationContact noEmail
1.Dr. Sanjeev KumarAssociate Professor cum HOD8709816443[email protected]
2.Dr. Bipin Kumar SinghAssistant Professor-Cum-Jr. Scientist9473375465[email protected]
3.Mr. Suryamani KumarAssistant Professor-Cum-Jr. Scientist8340711731[email protected]


DTT-411:  Students Ready In-Plant Training



  1. Tech. (DT) COURSES
                                                   Major Courses 
S. No.Course No.Course TitleCr. Hrs.
1.DTT-511Dairy Processing-I3 (2+1)
2.DTT-512Food Processing3 (2+1)
3.DTT-513Traditional and Value Added Products3 (2+1)
4.DTT-514New Product Development2 (2+0)
5.DTT-515Alternative Processes for Dairy and Food Industry2 (2+0)
6.DTT-521Dairy Processing-II3 (2+1)
7.DTT-522Dairy & Food Packaging3 (2+1)
8.DTT-523Technology of Functional Foods3 (2+1)
9.DTT-524Rheology of Dairy & Food Products3 (2+1)
10.DTT-525Credit Seminar1 (0+1)
Minor Courses 
1.DTE-511Dairy and Food Engineering-I3 (2+1)
2.DTE-512Heat Transfer3 (3+0)
3.DTE-522Design of Process Equipment3 (2+1)
4.DTE-524Environmental Engineering2 (2+0)
Supporting Courses 
1.DBM-511Dairy Business Management3 (2+1)
2.DBM-512Statistics for Industrial applications3 (2+1)
3.DBM-513Computer Software Packages for Statistical Analysis3 (2+1)
4.DTC-511Research Techniques4 (3+1)


Compulsory Courses 
S. No.Course No.Course TitleCr. Hrs.
1.PGS-501Library and Information Service1 (0+1)
2.PGS-502Technical Writing and Communication Skill1 (0+1)
3.PGS-503Intellectual Property and its Management in Agriculture1 (1+0)
4.PGS-504Basic Concept in Laboratory1 (0+1)
5.PGS-505Agriculture Research, Research Ethics and Rural Development Program1 (1+0)
6.PGS-506Disaster Management1 (1+0)