SGIDT Department of Dairy Engineering

SGIDT Department of Dairy Engineering


The department of dairy Engineering is one of the constituent units of the institute. It has wide scope in development of machinery, equipment and technologies for assisting the manufacture of wide range of milk and milk products. The department has goals of conducting teaching, research and extension in the fields of dairy and food process engineering, energy conservation and applied fields and to provide training for entrepreneurs and skill development programs. Department of Dairy Engineering is the heart of the course. The unit operations required in value addition and energy conservation methods are employed looking into the environment friendly technologies in view. It is also equipped with condensing and spray drying models and has very close to it, a Feeder and Balancing dairy of PDP, Patna for practical classes on running plants.


S. No. Name & Designation Contact No. Email
1. Dr. J. Badshah
Univ. Prof. & Head Of The Department


i.) UG Courses (As per Vth Dean Committee syllabus)
Semester No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hr.
Sem. I DTE-111 Workshop Practice 2 (1+1)
DTE-112 Fluid Mechanics 3 (2+1)
DTE-113 Engineering Drawing 1 (0+1)
Sem. II DTE-121 Thermodynamics 2 (1+1)
DTE-122 Heat & Mass Transfer 3 (2+1)
DTE-123 Boilers and Steam Generation 2 (1+1)
DTE-124 Basic Electrical Engineering 3 (2+1)
Sem. III DTE-211 Refrigeration & Air-conditioning 3 (2+1)
DTE-212 Dairy Engineering 3 (2+1)
Sem. IV DTE-221 Dairy Process Engineering 3 (2+1)
Sem. V DTE-311 Instrumentation and Process Control 3 (2+1)
Sem. II DTE-321 Food Engineering 3 (2+1)
DTE-322 Material Strength & Dairy Machine Design 3 (2+1)
DTE-323 Dairy Plant Design and Layout 2 (1+1)
DTE-324 Energy Conservation and Management 2 (1+1)
ii.) PG Courses ( As per university syllabus for Minor courses in Dairy Engineering Department in M. Tech. Dairy Technology)
Semester No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hr.
Sem. I DTE-511 Dairy and Food Engineering (2+1)
DTE-512 Heat Transfer (optional) (3+0)
Sem. II DTE-522 Design of Process Equipment (2+1)
DTE-524 Environmental Engineering (2+0)

Research Facilities & Infrastructure

The department is actively engaged in teaching, research and extension activities. The department has Fluid Mechanics lab, Dairy Process Engineering lab, Workshop practice lab, Thermodynamics and Refrigeration lab, Engineering Drawing lab, Electrical Engineering lab, Instrumentation and Process Control lab and Heat and mass Transfer lab. Department is equipped with Bernoulli’s Theorem apparatus, V- Notch apparatus, Pipe friction apparatus, many heat and mass transfer apparatuses, thermodynamics, I.C. engines / Boilers models, workshop technology tools and machineries, Electric welding set etc. for practical classes of basic engineering courses. It has major thrust areas such as energy Conservation, Solar Energy, and preservation through processing, sterilization, condensing and drying technologies etc. One research project entitled “process optimization for shelf life enhancement of packed paneer using thermal processing” has been submitted in University Research Council.


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