Department of Veterinary Anatomy

Department of Veterinary Anatomy


Department of Veterinary Anatomy was established in the very beginning i.e. in the year 1930 when Bihar Veterinary College Patna was opened as the 4th Veterinary College of India. As the college was awarding diploma to the graduates at the completion of three years, the subject of veterinary anatomy was limited primarily to the gross anatomy of domestic animals viz., Ox, Horse, Dog, Pig Sheep Goat and Fowl. Even then, this subject was taught for two consecutive years. Later on the subject of veterinary anatomy was taught with the emphasis of Histology and Developmental Anatomy
with the conversion of courses to the degree courses of four years’ duration science 1949. The Department acquired the distinction of starting post graduates courses in early sixties. The PG level was first started up to Master level there soon followed by Ph.D. courses. With the evident of Rajendra Agricultural University in the year of 1971, later on Bihar Agricultural University in the year of 2010, the department of veterinary anatomy its credit has produced six (6) Ph.D. and seventeen (17) M.V.Sc. Candidates.
The Department is adequately equipped with the precision instrument and highly qualified teachers. The department has more than one hundred seventy-five research publications. The department has prepared appreciable number of teaching aids such as Skeletons, Charts, Models, Plaster Casts and Color Transparency film to cater to needs of U.G.& P.G students.
The department is known for pioneering work in virtual dissection of different Animal in India along with fundamental as well as applied veterinary anatomy. The faculty is taking keen interest in training livestock farmers, unemployed youth, and veterinary surgeons on normal structures of different organs of animals.


  • To provide qualified human resources in the field of Veterinary Anatomy, Histology, Embryology and Applied Anatomy as well as Surgical Anatomy.
  • To furnish the information on the Gross Anatomy, Histomorphological, Histochemical and Embryological aspect of all domestic animals including birds also, so that the knowledge is availed for its application in the clinical, Para clinical, production and reproduction of other disciplines.
  • To provide quality teaching them regarding the process of embryogenesis and organogenesis during the embryonic life of the individuals so that students can understand about pathological condition caused due to faulty development.


  • Virtual Dissection Table (Anatomage)
  • Gross Anatomy Laboratory
  • Histology, Histochemistry and Embryology Laboratory
  • Museum

Academic Activities

Academic activities

U.G. Courses (As per VCI Old)

Sr. No.

Course No./UnitsCourse Title/ Unit Titles
1.Unit -1General Osteology, Arthrology and Myology, General Angiology, Neurology and Aesthesiology, General Splanchnology
2.Unit- 2Fore limb: Study of bones of fore limb of ox and differences in horse, dog, pig and fowl. Study of hoof of ox and horse. Study of joints, ligaments, stay apparatus, major blood vessels, nerves, veins and lymph nodes of fore limb. Sites for Radial, Median, Ulnar and Volar nerve blocks.
3.Unit -3Anatomy of Head and neck of ox and differences in horse, dog, pig and fowl .
4.Unit -4Anatomy of  Thorax of ox and differences in horse, dog, pig and fowl.
5Unit -5Anatomy of Abdomen of ox and differences in horse, dog, pig and fowl.
.6.Unit -6Anatomy of Hind limb and pelvis of ox and differences in horse, dog, pig and fowl.
7.Unit -7General and Systemic Histology
8.Unit -8General and Systemic Development Anatomy.



M.V. Sc. Courses (As per ICAR)

Sr. No.

Course No.

Course Title

Cr. Hrs.

VAN -601Comparative Osteology &Arthrology


2.VAN – 602Comparative Splanchnology


3.VAN -603Myology, Angiology, Neurology & Aesthesiology of Ox


4.VAN -604Gross Anatomical Techniques


5.VAN – 605Theory and Practices of Histology and Histochemical Techniques.


6.VAN -606Gross Histology and Ultrastructure


7.VAN -607Systemic Histology and Ultrastructure


8.VAN – 608Developmental Anatomy


9.VAN -691Master’s seminar


10.VAN -699Master’s research


Ph.D. Courses(As per ICAR)

Sl. No.

Course No.

Course Title

Cr. Hrs.

VAN-701Myology, Angiology, Neurology and Aesthesiology of Equine, Canine and Procine


2.VAN-702Principles and Applications of Biomechanics


3.VAN-703Avian Anatomy




5.ANN-705Endocrine Anatomy


6.VAN-706Theory and Application of Electron Microscope


7.VAN-707Histoenzymology and Immunocytochemistry


8.VAN-708Applied Embryology and Teratology


9.VAN-709Functional Veterinary Anatomy


10.VAN-710Gross Anatomy of Laboratory Animals


11.VAN-790Special Problem


12.VAN-791Doctoral Seminar I


13.VAN-792Doctoral Seminar II


14.VAN-792Doctoral Research



Research Activities

Completed Research Projects

  1. To prepare visual aid of leg conformation of horse – Funded by – Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour Bhagalpur- Period- 2013-2015.
  2. Histological and histochemical Studies of Organs of Digestive Respiratory, Urogenital and Skin of Buffalo- Funded by ICAR

Ongoing Research Projects: – Nil

Faculty Members



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E-Mail ID


01Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bharti


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02Dr. Nirbhay Kumar Singh


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03Dr. Avnish Kumar Gautam
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04Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh


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05Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha


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Supporting Staff

S. No.Name Mobile No.
1.Sh. Mungeri Lal

Laboratory Attendant


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Contact Details

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bharti

Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Veterinary Anatomy
Bihar Veterinary College, Patna – 14 (Bihar, India)
Contact No.: +91 9835284899, +91 7992286879
Email ID.: [email protected]