PG-Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding

S. No.Course No.Course TitleUnitTopicAudio/Video/Study MaterialsDateLink
19AGB - 610Laboratory Animal BreedingILaboratory Animal & Their UsesPresentation03.12.2020Download
18AGB - 607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingIConservation StrategiesPresentation02.12.2020Download
17AGB - 607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingIIntroduction to ConservationPresentation19.11.2020Download
16AGB - 607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingIIGenetic strategy for cow herd improvementPresentation13.11.2020Download
15AGB - 607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingIEfficiency of sire indicesPresentation13.11.2020Download
14AGB - 610Laboratory Animal BreedingICommon Inbred Strain of Laboratory AnimalPresentation12.11.2020Download
13Cattle and Buffalo BreedingIISire Evaluation in Single Herd
Part II
12AGB - 607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingISire Evaluation in Multiple Herd
Part I
11AGB - 601Animal Cytogenetics and ImmunogeneticsIIntroduction to ImmunogeneticsPresentation06.11.2020Download
10AGB - 601Animal Cytogenetics and ImmunogeneticsIApplication of Genomics in Animal BreedingPresentation31.10.2020
9AGB - 607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingIPrinciple of Genetic Selection in Dairy Cattle
Part II
8AGB - 607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingIPrinciple of Genetic Selection in Dairy Cattle
Part I
7AGB - 607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingIBreeding and Genetics of Dairy CattlePresentation22.10.2020Download
6AGB - 607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingICattle and Buffalo BreedingPresentation17.10.2020Download
5AGB-601Cattle and Buffalo BreedingIBasic Concept on Animal Genetic DiversityPresentation12.10.2020
4AGB-607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingICattle and Buffalo BreedingPresentation05.10.2020Download
3AGB-607Cattle and Buffalo BreedingPrinciple of genetic selection in dairy cattlePresentation05.10.2020Download
2AGB-610Laboratory Animals BreedingBreeding ColoniesPresentation01.10.2020Download
1AGB - 601Animal Cytogenetics and ImmunogeneticsIBasic Concept on Genetics of Dairy CattlePresentation16.09.2020Download