Project proposals submitted for funding under RKVY

Project Proposals submitted for funding under RKVY

S. No. Title of Project PI
1. Establishment of Referral Pesticide Residue Testing Laboratory for Foods of Animal Origin Dr. Nirbhay Kumar, Asstt. Prof., Pharmacology & Toxicology
2. Development and Production of Area Specific Mineral Mixture for different Agro-climatic zones of Bihar Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh,
 Asstt Prof., Animal Nutrition
3. Capacity building of rural youths for employment generation in chicken product preparation & marketing Dr. Sushma Kumari,
Asstt Prof., LPT
4. Establishment of Regional Disease Diagnosis Laboratory Dr. Kaushal Kumar,
Asstt Prof., Pathology
5. Establishment of Animal feed testing and Quality Assurance Laboratory and Feed Processing Demonstration Unit Dr. Sanjay Kumar,
Asstt Prof., Animal Nutrition
6. Effect of Exogenous Melatonin on Physiological Adaptation and Production Stress in Buffaloes during Post-Partum Period Dr. Pramod Kumar,
Asstt Prof., Physiology
7. Monitoring of Arsenic Level in Input, Throughput and Output Samples of Cattle and Poultry in Certain Arsenic Endemic Areas of Patna District Dr. Rashmi Rekha Kumari,
Asstt Prof., Pharmacology & Toxicology
8. Augmenting Veterinary Clinical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Facilities at University Referral Hospital Dr. Ramesh Tiwary,
Asstt Prof., Surgery & Radiology
9. Physiotherapeutic Modalities for Rehabilitation of Animals Dr. Archana Kumari, Asstt. Prof., Surgery & Radiology