BASU Tenders

Tender No.TitleIssue DateLast Date & Time of Submission of Tender
Tender Archive
392/Est./BASU, PatnaCorrigendum Notice for opening of Technical Bid for the tender of work “Widening & Strengthening of bituminous road in the campus of BVC and TVCC” 10/08/201913/08/2019
Auction Notice for Maruti Bhan due on 24th August 2019 at 2:30PM at Bihar Veterinary College, Patna. 10/08/201924/08/2019,02:30 PM
569/CPC/BASU/Patna Notice for finalize the discount offered by firms on different products against the Rate Contract Tender Notice No.: 01/CPC/BASU/2019-20, Dated:19/06/2019 31/07/201903/08/2019, 11:00AM
353/ESTATE/BASU/PATNA B.O.Q NIT 06/19-20 Renovation of SGIDT Dean’s Chamber Under B.A.S.U.,Patna for the year 2019-20. 29/07/201906/08/2019, 05:00 PM
353/ESTATE/BASU/PATNA B.O.Q NIT 06/19-20 Proposed interior works (False ceiling,wall panelling and electric work) of Registrar’s chamber,Bihar Animal Sciences University at Kishan Ghar,Patna. 29/07/201906/08/2019, 05:00 PM
353/ESTATE/BASU/PATNA B.O.Q NIT 06/19-20 Repair Res. No. C-1 of Prem Kumar Lab Assistant at Road No.-3 Under B.A.S.U.,Patna. 29/07/201906/08/2019, 05:00 PM
331/ESTATE/BASU/PATNANotice Iniviting Tender 06/19-20 29/07/201906/08/2019, 05:00PM
344/ANT/BASU/Patna Auction Notice for Scrape Material and other equipments due on 27th July 2019 at 2:00PM at Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna.18/07/201927/07/2019, 02:00PM
303/ESTATE/BASU/PATNA B.O.Q. Tender No. 05/2019 of Paver’s Block Pathway ,drain raising , Drain cover in the campus of TVCC Under BASU, Patna. 17/07/201926/07/2019 , 5:00PM
302/ESTATE/BASU/PATNA Short Notice Inviting Tender NIT 05/2019-20 BASU, Patna. 17/07/201926/07/2019 , 5:00 PM
73/LIB/BASU/2019 Quotation for Binding of Books/ Journals for University Library, BASU, PATNA12/07/201925/07/2019 , 2:00 PM
Lib/BASU/69 Sealed Quotation are hereby invited for the work of steel Almirah/ Book Stack Painting in the University Library, Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna-1411/07/201925/07/2019