Department of Animal Nutrition

Department of Animal Nutrition

1. About

It is a matter of pride that nutritional work started for the first time in India at Pusa, Bihar under the stewardship of Dr. F.J.Warth. In continuation of same tradition, Bihar veterinary College, Patna was given mandate to continue the work in Animal nutrition since 1960. The department has been entrusted for human resource development besides research and extension activities. The department is known for pioneering work in fundamental as well as applied animal nutrition. Unconventional feed and fodder resources found in Bihar are being evaluated for different animals. Use of different feed additives like probiotics and enzymes in poultry are being evaluated. The department also trains livestock farmers, and veterinary officials in balanced feeding of animals. Newer techniques like bypass protein, bypass fat and plant secondary metabolites are being introduced to farmers to improve the performance of animals. The department has developed complete feed block for sustainable animal production round the year. A variety of feed and fodder, conventional as well as unconventional, has been reported for use in complete feed block. Our research activity has been recognized by the University recently by approving and selecting two technologies i.e. bypass protein and complete feed block technology.

2. Faculty


Sl. No. Name & Designation Mobile no. E-mail ID
1. Dr. Chandramoni
Univ. Professor & Head
2. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
3. Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Assistant Professor


4. Dr. Kaushalendra Kumar
Assistant Professor

3. Teaching Programme

U.G. Courses (As per VCI)

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. Animal Nutrition Animal Nutrition            3+1

P.G. Courses (As per ICAR)

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. ANN -601 Animal nutrition – energy and protein 3+0
2. ANN – 602 Animal nutrition – minerals, vitamins and feed additives 3+1
3. ANN -603 Feed technology 1+1
4. ANN -604 Feed conservation ,storage and quality control 2+2
5. ANN – 605 Ruminant nutrition 2+1
6. ANN -606 Non-ruminant nutrition 1+1
7. ANN -607 Nutrition of companion/laboratory, wild and zoo animals 2+1
8. ANN – 608 Research techniques in animal nutrition 1+3
9. ANN -609 Non conventional feed stuff and toxic constituents/antimetabolites in animal feedstuff 2+1
10. ANN -691 Master’s seminar 1+0
11. ANN – 699 Master’s research 20
Total 49

Ph.D. Courses

Sl. No. Course No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1. ANN-701 Modern concepts of feeding ruminants and forage utilization 3+0
2. ANN-702 Modern concepts of feeding monogastric animals 2+0
3. ANN-703 Nutrition and rumen fermentation 1+1
4. ANN-704 Advances in micronutrients 1+0
5. ANN-705 Advanced techniques in nutrition and research 1+2
6. ANN-706 Advances in feed technology 1+1
7. ANN-707 Clinical nutrition 1+1
8. ANN-708 Nutrient and drug interaction 2+0
9. ANN-709 New feed resources and toxicants in animal feeding 2+0
10. ANN-791 Doctoral seminar -I 1+0
11. ANN-792 Doctoral seminar -II 1+0
12. ANN-799 Doctoral research 45
Total 66

4. Research facilities and infrastructure

List of research projects

  • Complete feed block technology for feeding management of livestock during disaster in Bihar.
  • Growth performance of buffalo calves fed protected protein
  • Exploitation of Dietary Tannins on Gastrointestinal Health and Growth Performance in Goats

5. Research achievements:

  • Scientific formulation and evaluation of paddy straw and wheat bhusha based complete feed block for providing balance ration to the livestock for economizing and utilization during disaster.
  • Scientific preparation of bypass protein feed for improvement in growth performance
    and milk production of Livestock to improve the Livelihood of Livestock owners.
  • Tannin rich feed (babool pod chuni) supplementation improves the growth performance of kids with remarkable reduction in fecal egg count without affecting metabolic profile of animals.

6. Publications:

Research Extension Artical Lab Manual Books Book Chapters Lead Paper
140 90 3 5 40 20

7. Technology Released

  • “ Complete feed block technology” by BAU Sabour in 2016
  • “ Bypass protein Technology” for dairy animals” by BAU Sabour in 2016