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Bihar Animal Sciences University (BASU) has been established with its headquarters at Patna through an act of Bihar State (BASU Act No. 15 of 2016, notified in the Bihar Gazette on 29 August 2016). The University became operational from 13 June 2017 with the appointment of it’s first Vice Chancellor. The new University has been carved out of the Bihar Agricultural University as two of its constituent colleges at Patna viz. Bihar Veterinary College and Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Dairy Technology have been transferred to the BASU, whereas a new College of Fisheries is to be established. To further …  Read More  

Notice Board Archive
Online Registration Notice for Purchase of equipment from e-procurement site 19/01/2019
Proceeding of the Committee Constituted for prebid meeting for online examination dated 07/01/2019

Notification of UG Student, B. Tech (D.T.) 08/01/2019
Application For Duty Leave (For University Authorities20/12/2018
Corrigendum Notice
Public Notice issued by Veterinary Council of India regarding admission of students to B.V.Sc. & A.H. Degree Course during the academic year 2019-20 for filling up of Seats in recognized Veterinary Colleges (except Jammu and Kashmir) under 15% All India quota.
Corrigendum Notice for Inviting Tender No.05/2018-1916/11/2018
Work order for Security Services at different locations of Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna03/11/2018
Auction Notice27/10/2018
Training of Layer and Broiler Farming.25/10/2018
Work order for providing manpower for different tasks under Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna.
Travelling Allowance Guidelines and Forms19/09/2018
Format for agreement bond for taking admission in BVSc &AH first year 2018-19
Re Counselling Notice for PG Admission07/09/2018
Notice Regarding admission/registration31/08/2018
Revised Academic calendar for 2nd & 3rd year students of BVC30/08/2018
Time table of 5th and 9th Semester02/08/2018
Examination Programme - Winter 2018 28/07/2018
Opening of Hostel Commencement of Annual examination & Admission
Notification for revision of Fee structure of BASU effective from academic year 2018-2019 onwards 23/07/2018
Tender No.TitleIssue DateLast Date & Time of Submission of Tender
Tender Archive
02-3/CPC/BASU/2019Revised_Tender No.-02-3_Trinocular Microscope 14/02/2019
02-2/CPC/BASU/2019Revised_Tender No.02-2_High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge14/02/2019
02-1/CPC/BASU/2019 Revised_Tender Notice No.-02-1_Large Animal X-ray Machine 13/02/2019
02-6/CPC/BASU/2019Revised_Tender No.-02-6_Protein Analyser 13/02/2019
02-5/CPC/BASU/2019 Revised_Tender No.-02-5_Laser Therapy System 13/02/2019
02-4/CPC/BASU/2019Revised_Tender No.-02-4_Semiautomatic Rotary Microtome 13/02/2019
04/CPC/BASU/2019Limited Tender Notice for Purchase of Binocular Microscope through e-procurement site12/02/201919/02/2019, 03:00 PM
1016/Estate/BASU,PatnaTender Notice02/05/2019
02/CPC/BASU/2019 Purchase of different Scientific Equipment. 01/02/201921/02/2019,05:00 PM
88/LIB/BASUQuotation for Purchase of Library Books due on 15/02/2019 at 02:30 PM. 01/02/201915/02/2019, 02:30 pm
03/CPC/BASU/2019Notice Inviting Tender No.-03 for Purchase of Virtual Dissection Table. 01/02/201921/02/2019,05:00 PM
03/CPC/BASU/2019 Purchase of Virtual Dissection Table/ Virtual Visualization Work Station for animals under World Bank funded ICAR-NAHEP (IG) Project. 01/02/201921/02/2019,05:00 PM
02-1/CPC/BASU/2019 Notice Inviting Tender No.-02-1_Large Animal X-ray Machine. 01/02/201921/02/2019,05:00 PM
02-2/CPC/BASU/2019Notice Inviting Tender No.-02-2_High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge. 01/02/201921/02/2019,05:00 PM
1004/Est./BASU/PatnaShort Notice Inviting Tender-12/2018-1930/01/201916/02/2019, 03:00 PM
02-3/CPC/BASU/2019Notice Inviting Tender No.-02-3_Trinocular Compound Microscope with Camera Attachment. 01/02/201921/02/2019,05:00 PM
02-4/CPC/BASU/2019Notice Inviting Tender No.-02-4_Semi-automatic Rotary Microtome. 01/02/201921/02/2019,05:00 PM
02-5/CPC/BASU/2019Notice Inviting Tender No.-02-5_Laser Therapy System Class-IV. 01/02/201921/02/2019,05:00 PM
02-6/CPC/BASU/2019Notice Inviting Tender No.-02-6_Protein Analyser. 01/02/201921/02/2019,05:00 PM

27/01/201920/03/2019, 02:30 PM
1048/CPC/BASU,PatnaLimited Tender Notice for Purchase of Binocular Microscope through e-procurement, Govt. of Bihar 24/01/201907/02/2019, 03:00 PM
DSW/BASU/56/2018 Expression of Interest for development of outdoor facilities for different sports and games


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