Department of Livestock Production Management

Department of Livestock Production Management


The Department of Livestock Production Management has been come into existence in the year 1981 after bifurcation from the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding of the college. The department has started M. V. Sc. programme in 1996 and Ph. D. programme in 2012. Currently this department is engaged in teaching the subjects of Animal handling, Dairy Farming, Sheep and Goat, Swine, Rabbit, Pet, Draught, Wild animal, Fish and Laboratory animal Production and Management to under-graduate and post-graduate students. As per VCI norms, this is the largest department of faculty of veterinary and animal sciences. This department has also been engaged in research on different specialized livestock farming systems, management techniques, stress management, health management, nutritional management and economical eco- friendly utilization and disposal of farm waste. Besides teaching, the Department also undertakes various programme of extension activities to transfer the technology at farmers level through organizing off-campus training, Farm Advisory Services, Kisan Mela, Kisan Gosthi and other training programmes organized at the university for socio-economic upliftment of livestock farmers.


  • Cater the needs of teaching at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level on the different courses of Livestock Production Management.
  • Research in the field of Livestock including Poultry Production and Management.
  • Extension Programmes related to the improved production and productivity under different managemental system.
  • Other academic and curricular activities as required by the university.


  • Under-Graduate Lab.
  • Post-Graduate Lab.
  • A.V. Lab.
  • Livestock Farm Complex with Dairy, Sheep, Goats, Poultry and Fodder Production units.

Academic Activities

Academic activities

U.G. Courses (As per VCI Old)

S. No.

Courses No.Course TitleCredit Hrs.
1.1st Professional YearLivestock Production Management

Unit-1: General Livestock Management

Unit-2: Fodder Production and Conservation

Unit-3: Livestock Production Management-Ruminants

Unit-4: Zoo Animals Production Management

Unit-5: Animal Welfare

Unit-6:  Poultry Production Management

Unit-7: Diversified Poultry Production and Hatchery Management

Unit-8: Laboratory/ Rabbit/ Pet Animal Production Management

Unit-9: Swine/ Equine/ Camel/ Yak/ Mithun Production Management

2.3rd Professional YearLivestock Farm Practices0+2

M.V. Sc. Courses (As per ICAR)

S. No.

Course No.Course TitleCredit Hrs.
1.LPM-601Cattle and Buffalo Production and Management2+1
2.LPM-602Sheep and Goat Production and Management2+1
3.LPM-603Swine Production and Management1+1
4.LPM-604Laboratory Animal Production and Management1+1
5.LPM-605Shelter management1+1
6.LPM-606Principles of Environmental Hygiene and Waste Management2+0
7.LPM-607Climatology and Animal Production1+0
8.LPM-608Poultry Farm and Hatchery Management2+1
9.LPM-609Farm Animal Behavior1+0
10.LPM-610Integrated Livestock Farming System2+1
11.LPM-611Equine Production and Management1+1
12.LPM-612Wild Life Management and Conservation2+0
13.LPM-613Livestock Business Management1+1
14.LPM-614Forage Production and Conservation1+1
15.LPM-691Master’s Seminar1+0
16.LPM-699Master’s Research20

Ph.D. Courses(As per ICAR)

S. No.

Course No.Course TitleCredit Hrs.
1.LPM-701Advances in Cattle and Buffalo Production and Management3+0
2.LPM-702Advances in Sheep and Goat Production and Management2+1
3.LPM-703Advances in Swine Production and Management2+1
4.LPM-704Advances in Laboratory Animal Production and Management1+0
5.LPM-705Advances in Poultry Production Management2+1
6.LPM-706Advances in Environmental Management1+1
7.LPM-707Advances in Equine Management2+0
8.LPM-791Doctoral Seminar-I1+0
9.LPM-792Doctoral Seminar-II1+0
10.LPM-799Doctoral Research45

Research Activities

Completed Research Projects

S. No.

Title of the ProjectDurationFunding agencyPI/Co-PIs
1.Development of Integrated Goat Farming in Bihar4 Years
RKVYPI: Dr. S. P. Sahu
2.Development of Integrated Poultry Farming in Bihar4 Years
RKVYPI: Dr. S. P. Sahu
3.Exploring growth hormone gene for improvement of growth performance traits in black Bengal goats2 Year
ICAR-RCER, PatnaPI : Dr. Shankar Dayal
Co-PI : Dr. S. P. Sahu
4.Complete Feed Block for sustainable livestock  production2 Year
BAU, SabourPI : Dr. P. K. Singh

Co-PI : Dr. S. P. Sahu

5.NICRA1 Year
ICARAssociated  Scientist: Dr. Sanjay Kumar
6.Development of Location specific chicken varieties for rural and tribal sector2 Years
ICARAssociated Scientist: Dr. Sanjay Kumar
7.Ticks and Sand fly control in cows1 Year
ICAR- Genesis Lab collaboratedAssociated Scientist: Dr. Sanjay Kumar
8.Assessment of Moringa oleifera as a fodder.2 Years
BASU, PatnaPI: Dr. R. R. K. Sinha
9.Improvement of Feed Resources and Nutrient Utilization in Raising Animal Production4 Years
AICRP (ICAR)PI: Dr. Amrendra Kishor

Ongoing Research Projects: 

S. No.

Title of the ProjectYear of StartFunding agencyPI/Co-PIs
1.Poultry Seed Project2009ICARPI : Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Co-PI : Dr. Sanjay Kumar
2.Adoption of Quail farming in different system and assessment of its productivity performance under deep litter and cage system of housing.2018-19BASU, PatnaPI : Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Co-PI : Dr. S. P. Sahu
3.Metagenomic analysis of chicken gut microflora and its modulation by supplementation of tannins and virginiamycin2018-19Govt. of BiharPI : Dr. Kaushlendra Kumar
Co-PI : Dr. R. R. K. Sinha

Faculty Members

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Mobile No.

Email ID


1.Dr. S. P. Sahu9973112969[email protected]More
2.Dr. Amrendra Kishor8210832992[email protected]More
3.Dr. R. K. Nirala8002552290[email protected]More
4.Dr. R. R. K. Sinha7671105756[email protected]More
5.Dr. Sanjay Kumar9934033316[email protected]More

Supporting Staff

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Mobile No.

1.Sh. Mungeri LalLaboratory Attendant8521183293

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Contact Details

Dr. S. P. Sahu

Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Livestock Production Management
Bihar Veterinary College, Patna – 14 (Bihar, India)
Contact No.: +91 9973112969
Email ID.: [email protected]