Department of Veterinary Parasitology

Department of Veterinary Parasitology


The Department of Parasitology has been actively engaged in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching, research and extension in the field of Veterinary Parasitology since 1930.The post–graduate teaching and research leading to Masters and Doctoral degrees were also imparted from 1962 to 1978 when the P.G. Programme was transferred to Ranchi Veterinary College. The M.V.Sc. teaching and research was revived again in 1981 and since then this department is regularly training students for the award of M.V.Sc. degree. Till date a total of 59 research scholars have completed their Master degree and currently six students are continuing their studies for M.V.Sc programme and one student is continuing his Ph.D. programme. The department had the distinction of having parasitologists of national and international repute who provided new thrust to our present knowledge of facilities in poultry coccidiosis and bovine trichomoniosis. The Department has the unique distinction of providing three successive Directors of the Institute of Animal Health and Production, Patna for past four decades except for a brief intervening period an example not available for any other Departmental of the College.

With the introduction of the 5 year degree programme under new semester system the undergraduate courses of this Department have been reorganized to make it more practical oriented under the specialisation of General Parasitology, Helminthology, Entomology& Acarology and Protozoology.

The research work of the Department has been organized on three major aspects,  Helminthology, Protozoology and Acarology section. The helminthology section is conducting research on the chemotherapy of gastro-intestinal nematodes, liver fluke disease and immature amphistomiosis. The protozoology and acarology section is the largest research group of this Department and is conducting researches on protozoal diseases of major economic importance to the country. This department has the unique distinction of organizing the “Asian Congress in Veterinary Parasitology”, “International Conference in Disaster Management of Livestock in Flood” and also in  providing many Directors of the institute of Animal Health and Production. Veterinary Parasitology is one of the few Departments of Bihar Veterinary College, Patna which offers Undergraduate, Post-graduate and also the  Doctorate programme.A total seventy three (73) M.V. Sc.  And One Ph.D. Students have been passed out form the department till date.


  • To provide innovative education of Veterinary Parasitology for undergraduate and Post-graduate students
  • To conduct farmers oriented research on parasitic infections.
  • To create awareness among people about parasitic infections as well provide training for management and control of parasitic infections


  • Diagnosis of Parasitic Diseases
  • Parasitological Museum
  • Permanent slides of various parasite for U.G. & P.G. Teaching
  • Herbal ingredient extraction facilities with the help of Rotatory evaporator
  • Air conditioned Undergraduate and Post- graduate Laboratory
  • Display charts for demonstration of various stages of parasites.

Academic Activities

Academic activities

U.G. Courses (As per VCI Old)


Professional YearUnits

Course Title

Credit Hrs.


Veterinary Parasitology


Third Professional Year

Unit-1General Veterinary Parasitology 



Unit-2Trematodes and Cestodes of Veterinary Importance
Unit-3Nematodes of Veterinary Importance
Unit-4Arthropods of Veterinary Importance
Unit-5Protozoa of Veterinary Importance

M.V. Sc. Courses (As per ICAR)

Course NO.

Course Title

Credit Hrs

VPA -601Veterinary Helminthology-I 2+1
VPA 602Veterinary Helminthology-II2+1
VPA 603Veterinary Entomology & Acarology2+1
VPA 604Veterinary Protozoology2+1
VPA 605Parasitological Techniques0+2
VPA 606Clinical Parasitology1+1
VPA 607Trends in Control of Livestock and Poultry Parasites1+1
VPA 609Parasitic Zoonoses2+0
VPA 610Parasites of Zoo and Wild Animals2+1
VPA 611Malacology1+1
VPA 691Master’s Seminar1+0
VPA 699Master’s Research20

Ph.D. Courses(As per ICAR)

Course NO.

Course Title

Credit Hrs

 VPA 701Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information system in Parasitology


VPA 702Molecular Diagnostics and Vaccine Development in Parasitology


VPA 703Host Parasite Interactions


VPA 704Advances in Protozoology


VPA 705Advances in Helminthology -I


VPA 706Advances in Helminthology-II


VPA 707Advances in Entomology and Acarology


VPA 708In Vitro Cultivation of Parasites


VPA709Emerging and Re-emerging Parasitic Diseases


VPA 710Bionomics of Parasites


VPA 711Environmental Parasitology


VPA 790Special Problem


VPA 791 Doctoral Seminar I

0 +1

VPA 792Doctoral Seminar II


VPA 799Doctoral Research


PGS Non-Credit Compulsory courses

Sl. No.

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours


PGS- 502

Technical writing and communication skills



PGS- 503

Intellectual Property and Its Management



PGS- 505

Agricultural Research Ethics and Rural Development Programmes



PGS- 506

Disaster Management


Research Activities

Faculty Members

S. No

Name and Designation

Mobile No.

Email ID


1Dr. Ajit Kumar9431489392[email protected]More
2Dr. Pankaj Kumar9835676663[email protected]More
3Dr. R. K. Sharma Kumar9430202793[email protected]More

Supporting Staff

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Mobile No.

1Dr. Sucheta SinhaJRA7992322690
2Yugeshar PaswanSweeper-cum-Attendant9661233499

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Contact Details

Dr. Ajit Kumar

Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Veterinary Parasitology
Bihar Veterinary College, Patna – 14 (Bihar, India)
Contact No.: +91 9431489392
Email ID.: [email protected]