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(Total updates from 1st July 2020 till January 2021= 1786 + ………… )

11025.01.2021Bihar Animal Sciences University Newsletter Volume: 2 Issue: 1
10925.01.2021Online Class Schedule of First Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 25-30 January,2021
10825.01.2021Proforma-for-Income-Tax-on-Salary-FY2020-2021_AY-2021-22 Under 60 Employee
10725.01.2021Proforma-for-IT-on-Salary-FY2020-2021_AY-2021-22 Above 60 Employee(Senior Citizen)
10625.01.2021Soft and Hard Water, Temporary and Permanent
10425.01.2021Estimation of growth parameters
10325.01.2021General Health Management
10225.01.2021GMP and HACCP
10025.01.2021Clostridium perfringens (Cl.welchii)
9925.01.2021Introduction and objectives of Epidemiology
9825.01.2021Cell Division
9725.01.2021Factors Affecting the Length of Estrus Cycle
9625.01.2021Mineral Nutrition- Mg, Na, K, Cl, S, Fe
9323.01.2021Types of Immunity
9123.01.2021lymphoid organs
9023.01.2021History of Immunology
8922.01.2021Limited Tender for Supply and Installation of Automatic Feed Manufacturing Plant
8822.01.2021Prediction of Shelf Life Behavior of Milk 
8722.01.2021Prediction of Shelf Life Behavior 0f Milk And Milk Product
8622.01.2021Concepts of Quality Management System (QMS) – ISO 9000:2000
8522.01.2021Principles of Quality Management System (QMS) – ISO 9000:2000
8422.01.2021Sources of Microbial Contamination of Milk and Milk Products
8322.01.2021Microbiological Criteria and Sampling Guidelines
8222.01.2021Office Order. No.- 224/Admin/Reg./BASU, Patna related student stipend
8121.01.2021e-Tender for purchase of 96 numbers of FRP Tank for College of Fisheries, Kishanganj under Bihar Animal Sciences University
7919.01.2021Proforma-for-IT-on-Salary-FY2020-2021_AY-2021-22 Senior Citizen
7819.01.2021Online Sapicon-2021
7719.01.2021Genus -Taenia
7618.01.2021Online Class Schedule of Second Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. form 18 – 23 January, 2021
7518.01.2021Online Class Schedule of Third Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. form 18 -23 January, 2021
7418.01.2021Online Seminar on Health issue in wildlife and their management for the Benefits of the Student and Veterinarians
7316.01.2021Final Result of 1st Professional Year (Batch 2019-20) of B.V.Sc. & A.H. Programme of BVC, Patna
7216.01.2021Mobile & Broadband reimbursement form
7116.01.2021Guidelines for reimbursement of mobile & broadband charges
6913.01.2021Memo No. 981 dated 14.01.2021
681313.01.2021Courses offered for M. Tech during Monsson Semester
6613.01.2021Metallic cont in dairy industry
6513.01.2021Imp of milk contact surfaces
6413.01.2021Detection of Neutralizer
6313.01.2021Death From Drowning Lightning and Electrocution
6213.01.2021Concept of Adulterants
6112.01.2021Proceedings of e-Tender
6008.01.2021Employment Notice No.01/2021 : Walk in Interview for the engagement of Contractual Staff (Retired Person) for Patna and Kishanganj Unit of Bihar Animal Sciences University
5908.01.2021Auction Notice for 23 Sheep and Goat at LFC, Bihar Animal Sciences University
5808.01.2021Information Regarding online Registration of Master’s and Ph.D. Students
5607.01.2021Genus Opisthorchis
5507.01.2021Auction Notice for different types of Scrape Materials under Poultry Seed Project
5407.01.2021Notice for opening of Financial Bid for hiring of outsource Manpower at BASU HQ. and CoF, Kishanganj
5206.01.2021Registration Card of Ph.D.
5106.01.2021Supervision, Meaning and Process
5006.01.2021Public Private Partnership
4906.01.2021Agricultural Technology Management Agency
4806.01.2021Evaluation of Nutritive Value of Foods
4706.01.2021Concept of Balanced Diet and Nutrient Requirements of Different Age Groups
4506.01.2021Crab II
4406.01.2021Introduction to Marine Biology Divisions of marine environment pelagic benthic euphotic
4306.01.2021Protein Structure Prediction and_Design -_II
4206.01.2021Protein Structure_prediction_and_design
4106.01.2021Metabolic Disorders in Livestock
4006.01.2021Animal Diet: Existing Scenario and Future Course
3906.01.2021Formulation of Concentrate Mixture
3806.01.2021Hypoglycaemia in Piglet
3706.01.2021Suture Material and Suturing Techniques -III
3606.01.2021Suture Material and Suturing Techniques -V
3506.01.2021General Surgery
3406.01.2021Suture Material and Suturing Techniques -IV
3306.01.2021Suture Material and Suturing Techniques -I
3206.01.2021Principle of Suturing
3106.01.2021Impotentia Generandi-1
2806.01.2021Impotentia Generandi
2706.01.2021Artificial Insemination
2606.01.2021The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960
2506.01.2021Myxomatosis in_lab Animals
2406.01.2021Physico-Chemical Changes during processing and storage of Milk and Milk Products
2306.01.2021Vices in Male Animals
2204.01.2021Coital Injuries
1904.01.2021CAMP Tests (Standard and Rapid) and Reverse CAMP Test
1804.01.2021Notice for opening of financial bids of hiring of CA Firms
1703.01.2021Concept of Neutralizers, Preservatives and Adulterants
1603.01.2021Calibration of Laboratory Glassware
1503.01.2021Clinical Examination of GIT of Ruminants
1403.01.2021Routes of Administration of Drugs
1303.01.2021Phenothiazine Derivatives
1203.01.2021Cholinergic transmission(Part-II)
1103.01.2021Adrenergic Transmission
1003.01.2021Cholinergic transmission(Part-I)
903.01.2021Adrenergic Transmission Part-I 
803.01.2021Acts and Rules Related to Zoo and Wild Animals
703.01.2021National and International Organizations and Institutions Linked To Wild and Zoo Animals – Role and Functions
603.01.2021Diseases of Respiratory System (Pneumonia)
502.01.2021Diseases of Respiratory System(Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD))
402.01.2021Animal Welfare(Welfare of Drought and Pack Animals)
302.01.2021Welfare of Animal during Transportation
202.01.2021Streptomyces and Dermatophillus
102.01.2021Admission Notification of PG and Ph. D. student

(Total updates from 1st July 2020 till December 2020= 1467+319=1786 )

31931.12.2020Sales Price of Farm Produces
31831.12.2020Guidelines and SOP for reopening of Colleges post Covid-19
31730.12.2020Notice for Reopening of the Bihar Veterinary Collage, Sanjay Gandhi Institutes of Dairy Technology, Patna and College of Fisheries, Kishanganj
31629.12.2020Notification for award of M.V.Sc.(Veterinary Biochemistry) Degree to Dr. Komal from Bihar Veterinary College, Patna
31529.12.2020Extension Activities
31429.12.2020कड़कनाथ मुर्गी पालन : आय का अच्छा साधन
31329.12.2020मिल्क फीवर (दुग्ध ज्वर)
31229.12.2020पशुओं में लंगडा बुखार
31129.12.2020पी० पी० आर (बकरी प्लेग)
31029.12.2020बिहार राज का पशु पालक हितार्थ नई योजनाएँ पशु एवं मत्स्य  संसाधन विभाग द्वारा प्रायोजित
30929.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Second Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 28 Dec, 2020- 02 Januray,2021
30829.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Third Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 28 Dec, 2020- 02 Januray,2021
30729.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( New) from 28 Dec, 2020 – 02 January,2021
30629.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old) from 28 Dec, 2020 – 02 January, 2021
30129.12.2020Neutraceutical in Livestock Production
30028.12.2020Anaerobic Bacteria Culture
29928.12.2020Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing
29828.12.2020Identification of Training Needs
29728.12.2020Recent Trends in Extension Education
29628.12.2020Transfer of Technology Programmes of ICAR
29528.12.2020Milk Borne Diseases
29428.12.2020Meat Adulteration and Substitution Part V
29328.12.2020Meat Adulteration and Substitution Part IV
29228.12.2020Disturbances in Growth
29128.12.2020Hereditary and Congenital Anomalies of Female Reproductive Tract
28926.12.2020Anaerobic Bacteria Culture(Practical)
28826.12.2020Genus Clostridium
28726.12.2020Storage and Shipment of Semen
28626.12.2020Diagnostic Procedure in Infertility Investigation
28526.12.2020Population control in bitches
28326.12.2020VCI Counselling for admission in Veterinary Colleges under 15% VCI Quota
28225.12.2020Antinematodal drugs (Part 2)
28125.12.2020Antinematodal drugs (Part 1)
28025.12.2020Antihelminthic (General)
27925.12.2020Miscellaneous Antibacterial Agents
27625.12.2020Macrolide antibiotics
27125.12.2020Penicillines Part 2
27025.12.2020Penicillines Part 1
26925.12.2020Sulphonamides Part 2
26825.12.2020Sulphonamides  Part 1
26725.12.2020Transport and Packaging of Milk and Milk Products
26625.12.2020Notice and guideline for 2nd round of counseling for Admission in Master’s and Ph.D.
26525.12.2020Vacant seats for 2nd round of Counseling for Admission in Master’s and Ph.D. Programme
26424.12.2020Catheterization and Urine Collection in Dogs
26224.12.2020Induction of Parturition
26124.12.2020Methods of Semen Collection
26024.12.2020Semen Evaluation
25924.12.2020Semen Extension
25824.12.2020 Sexual Behavior
25724.12.2020Ultrastructure of Spermatozoa
25624.12.2020Allotment of Discipline of Master & Ph.D. Programme at BVC, BASU, Patna
25524.12.2020Pregnancy Diagnosis in Bovine
25424.12.2020Analysis of Variance
25323.12.2020Plant Sanitation
25223.12.2020Sources  of Contamination of Meat and Carcasses De-Contamination
25122.12.2020Anticholinergic Agent
25022.12.2020Lameness VII
24922.12.2020Lymph Nodes Examination of Food Animals
24822.12.2020Neurohumoral Transmission Part-II
24721.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Second Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 21-26 December, 2020 (1)
24521.12.2020Labeling of Samples for Analysis
24321.12.2020Listeria & Erysipelothrix
24221.12.2020Conservation of Livestock Feed through Hay Making
24121.12.2020Online Class schedule of Second Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 21-26 December, 2020
23921.12.2020Milk by product Part-2
23821.12.2020Milk by product Part-1
23621.12.2020Genus- Cotylophoron
23521.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Second Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 21-26 December, 2020
23421.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 9th Semester B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old VCI) from 21-26 December, 2020
23321.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old) from 21-26 December, 2020
23221.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 7th Semester B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old VCI) from 21-26 December, 2020
23121.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Third Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 21-26 December, 2020
23021.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( New) from 21-26 December, 2020
22919.12.2020Final Revised Result of Student of 1st Semester (Batch 2019-20) of B.Tech. (D.T.) Programme of Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Dairy Technology, BASU, Patna
22819.12.2020Sample format for Submission of Absentee Statement
22719.12.2020Lymph Nodes Examination of Food Animals
22619.12.2020Infertility in cows – I (Cystic ovarian disease)
22519.12.2020Hereditary and Congenital Anomalies of Female Reproductive Tract
22419.12.2020Animal Welfare (Wildlife Protection And Welfare)
22319.12.2020Diseases of Respiratory System (Bronchitis )
22219.12.2020Document Check list for Counseling to Admission in Master’s and Ph.D. Programme for Academic session 2020-21.
22119.12.2020Merit list of Applicants for Counseling to Admission in Master’s and Ph.D. Programme for Academic session 2020-21
22019.12.2020Notice of 6th Meeting of PG of Studies.
21918.12.2020Examination of Eye and Ear
21818.12.2020Introduction to Flash and Flow Chart
21718.12.2020Synchonization of Estrus and Ovulation
21618.12.2020Ovulation Failure and its Treatment
21518.12.2020Final Result of Student of 2nd Semester (Batch 2019-20) of B.Tech. (D.T.) Programme of Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Dairy Technology, BASU, Patna
21418.12.2020Sampling procedures of milk and milk products
21318.12.2020Treatment and Management of Fracture in Dogs
21218.12.2020Overview of the Syllabus of Chemotherapy
21118.12.2020General Chemotherapy Part-IV
21018.12.2020General Chemotherapy Part-III
20918.12.2020General Chemotherapy Part-I
20818.12.2020General Chemotherapy Part-II
20718.12.2020General Chemotherapy Part-VI
20618.12.2020General Chemotherapy Part-V
20518.12.2020Guideline preparation of Synopsis and Thesis
20417.12.2020Dislocations – I
20317.12.2020Internal Immobilization of Fracture-II
20217.12.2020Internal Immobilization of Fracture
20117.12.2020Techniques of External Fracture Fixation-II
20017.12.2020Techniques of External Fracture Fixation
19917.12.2020Techniques of Fracture   Reduction 
19817.12.2020Fracture – III
19717.12.2020Fracture – II
19517.12.2020Fracture – I
19417.12.2020Contrast Radiography
19317.12.2020Conservation of Livestock Feed through Silage Making
19217.12.2020Dog Cat Vaccination
19117.12.2020Wel Drought Pack Animal
18917.12.2020Diseases of Respiratory System (Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
18817.12.2020Welfare of Animal During Transportation
18617.12.2020Neurohumoral Transmission Part-I
18517.12.2020ANS pharmacology
18417.12.2020Autonomic Nervous System General Considerations
18316.12.2020Biochemistry of Nucleic Acid
18216.12.2020Cellular Events in Inflammation
18116.12.2020Meat Speciation
18016.12.2020Phosphatase Test
17916.12.2020Genus Fasciolopsis
17816.12.2020Genus Schistosoma
17716.12.2020Restricted entry into the Finance Comtroller Office-reg
17616.12.2020Additional Checks at the time of Submission of Payment Cases
17516.12.2020Vetting of Leave Record
17415.12.2020Goods Verification Committee
17315.12.2020 Impotentia Cocundi and Impotentia Generendi, Testicular Hypoplasia and Degeneration: Causes and Affect on Semen and Fertility
17215.12.2020Meat Adulteration and Substitution Part-III
17115.12.2020Meat Adulteration and Substitution Part-II
16915.12.2020Fat metabolism in health and disease-III
16815.12.2020Regulation and metabolism of hypothalamic-hypophyseal hormones-II
16715.12.2020Regulation and metabolism of hypothalamic-hypophyseal hormones-I
16515.12.2020Properties of Proteins
16215.12.2020Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
16115.12.2020Corrigendum Notice for Provision of Ramp and Aluminium cupboards etc. in Advanced Diagnostic Lab under Basu, Patna
16015.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Third Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 14-19 December, 2020
15915.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Second Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 14-19 December, 2020
15815.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( New) from 14-19 December, 2020
15715.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old) from 14-19 December, 2020
15615.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 7th Semester B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old VCI) from 14-19 December, 2020
15515.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 9th Semester B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old VCI) from 14-19 December, 2020
15414.12.2020Auction Notice for 18 Animals at LFC, Bihar Animal Sciences University
15314.12.2020Auction Notice for 23 Animals at LFC, Bihar Animal Sciences University
15214.12.2020Collection & Examination of Peritoneal Fluid
15114.12.2020Purification of Water
14913.12.2020Phenotypic and Genotypic effects of inbreeding in Livestock-converted
14813.12.2020Swim Bladder
14713.12.2020Sense Organs in Fishes
14613.12.2020Gut Content Analysis
14513.12.2020Taxonomy of Phylum Mollusca
14413.12.2020Taxonomy of lobsters
14313.12.2020Pelagic Marine fisheries
14213.12.2020Marine Fishery Resources of the World
14113.12.2020Terminology of Standard Solutions and Reagents
14013.12.2020Milk Products Part-9
13913.12.2020Milk Products Part-8
13813.12.2020Wound and Burn and Scald
13713.12.2020Methods of Inoculation Cultivation of Aerobic_and Anaerobic Bacteria
13613.12.2020Genus Streptococcus
13513.12.2020Equine infectious anemia
13413.12.2020Oxygen Therapy
13211.12.2020Fisheries Co-Management
13111.12.2020Accreditation of Analytical Laboratories
12909.12.2020Important Dates for Admission
12809.12.2020Corringendum Notice for Extension of Tender Submission Period
12709.12.2020Final Revised Result of Arun Kumar
11708.12.2020Oncogenes and Cancer
11608.12.2020Lameness V
11508.12.2020Rigor Mortis
11408.12.2020Structure of Protein-II
11108.12.2020Preanaestheti Consideation
11008.12.2020Meat Adulteration and Substitution Part-I
10607.12.2020Identification of Training Needs
10507.12.2020AHE 608 (Animal Husbandry Development Programmes)
9907.12.2020जैविक खेती – सहायक पुस्तिका
9807.12.2020International Regulations
9707.12.2020Importantance of CQA
9607.12.2020National Regulations
9507.12.2020Hazard Analysis
9407.12.2020Mobile testing laboratories
9306.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 9th Semester B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old VCI) from 07-12 December, 2020
9206.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old) from 07- 12 December, 2020
9106.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 7th Semester B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old VCI) from 07-12 December, 2020
9006.12.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( New) from 07-12 December, 2020
8906.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Third Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 07-12 December, 2020
8806.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Second Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 07-12 December, 2020
8706.12.2020Methods of Feed Processing for Improving Nutritive Values of Inferior Quality Roughages
8606.12.2020Milk Products
8406.12.2020Fodder Production in Rabi season
8306.12.2020Misalliance and its Treatment-Medical Termination of Pregancy
8206.12.2020Poultry Breeding
8105.12.2020PER, BV, Digestibility and NPU
8005.12.2020Postmortem examination Lec2
7905.12.2020Sand Crack and Hoof Deformities
7704.12.2020Programming Language of Computer
7504.12.2020Pharmacodynamics Principles Basic Mechanisms of Drug Action
7404.12.2020Pharmacodynamics Protein Targets for Drug Binding
7304.12.2020Pharmacodynamics Drug Receptor Interactions Part-1
7204.12.2020Pharmacodynamics Drug Receptor Interactions Part-2
7104.12.2020Pharmacodynamics Combined Action Factors Affecting Action of Drugs
6904.12.2020Preparation of Media for Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria
6703.12.2020Milk hygiene in relation to public health
6604.12.2020Milk Hygiene practices in India and other countries
6504.12.2020Sealed Quotation are invited from authorized service providers for 2 nos, of Elevator (Make-Otis) and 2 nos. of D.G. Set (400 KVA & 250 KVA, Make-Supernova)
6404.12.2020Admission Notice Mster’s and Ph.d. Programme
6304.12.2020Proceeding of PreBid Meeting
6203.12.2020GKRA Report for website
6103.12.2020Revised Rate
6003.12.20201st Semester (Batch 2019-20)
5903.12.20206th Semeter (Batch 2017-18)
5803.12.2020Result of 4th Semester (Batch 2018-19)
5703.12.2020Seed Production of Mud Crab
5503.12.2020Properties of Amino Acids
5303.12.2020Mecahnistic Toxicology
5203.12.2020General Characteristics of Fish Disease
5103.12.2020Insecticide Poisoning
5003.12.2020PG class Euthanasia
4903.12.2020Diseases of Urinary System Part-2
4803.12.2020Fish Reproduction and Development
4703.12.2020Excretory System in finfish
4503.12.2020Integrated Fish faring
4402.12.2020Introduction to public administration, principles of organization and management of public
4302.12.2020Management of Public Entreprise
4202.12.2020Forms of Business organization
4102.12.2020Management of Public Entreprise
4002.12.2020Forms of Business organization
3901.12.2020Sewage Fed Fish Culture
3801.12.2020Cage Culture
3701.12.2020Importance of CQA
3601.12.2020National Regulations
3501.12.2020International Regulations
3401.12.2020Hazard Analysis
3301.12.2020Mobile testing laboratories
3201.12.2020Biochem – Enz Inhibition
3101.12.2020Biochem – Immobilisation of Enz
3001.12.2020Biochem- Regulatory Enz
2901.12.2020Biochem- Zymo & Ribo
2801.12.2020Biochem- Enzyme Catalysis and Classification
2701.12.2020Biochem- Enz Kinetics
2601.12.2020Biochem – Mechanism of Enz Action
2501.12.2020Biochem – Factors – Enz Activity
2401.12.2020Testicular Hypoplasia and degeneration
2301.12.2020Online Class Schedule of Second Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 30 November- 05 December, 2020 (1)
2201.12.2020Impotentia Cocundi and Impotentia Generendi, Testicular Hypoplasia and Degeneration: Causes  and Affect on Semen and Fertility
2101.12.2020Impotentia Cocundi and Impotentia Generendi, Testicular Hypoplasia and Degeneration: Causes  and Affect on Semen and Fertility
2001.12.2020Metacarpals Ox
1201.12.2020Endocrine System in Finfishes
1101.12.2020Age and growth Determination in fish
1001.12.2020Fish Tagging and Marking Techniques
901.12.2020Breeding Biology of IMC & Other Cultivable Fishes
801.12.2020Migration of Fishes
701.12.2020Nervous System in Finfishes
601.12.2020Date Extension Notice for hiring the services of Chartered Accountant Firm for preparation & Consolidation of Annual Accounts of the University for the Financial Year 2020-21
201.12.2020Selection of Livestock
101.12.2020Computer Classified on the Basis of Purpose

(Total updates from 1st July 2020 till November 2020= 1102+ 365=1467 )

36230.11.2020Concept of Networking
36130.11.2020Recent Trade in Extension Education
36030.11.2020Women Empowerment in Livestock
35930.11.2020Teaching, Training Models And Methods
35730.11.2020Trace Mineral Cobalt Iodine
35630.11.2020Feeding of Laboratory Animal
35130.11.2020Online Class Schedule of 9th Semester B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old VCI) from 30 November-05 December, 2020
35030.11.2020Online Class Schedule of 7th Semester B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old VCI) from 30 November- 05 December, 2020
34930.11.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( Old) from 30 November- 05 December, 2020
34830.11.2020Online Class Schedule of 4th Professional Year B.V.Sc. & A.H. ( New) from 30 November – 05 December, 2020
34730.11.2020Online Class Schedule of Third Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 30 November- 05 December, 2020
34630.11.2020Online Class Schedule of Second Professional B.V.Sc. & A.H. from 30 November- 05 December, 2020
34227.11.2020Basic Concept of accounting
34127.11.2020Fish Toxicology II
34027.11.2020Fisheries Cooperation
34027.11.2020Fisheries Finance
33927.11.2020Current Measurment
33827.11.2020Indian Ocean Rlief
33727.11.2020Upwelling & Sinking
33627.11.2020Chemical composition of sea water and Artificial sea water
33527.11.2020 Eddy Current
33427.11.2020Prospectus 2020
33326.11.2020Admission Notice
33026.11.2020Staining of Blood
32425.11.2020Cage Culture
32125.11.2020Ear Cropping
32025.11.2020Sterilization in Dog
31924.11.2020Pharmacokinetics (Distribution of Drugs), Part-1
31823.11.2020Various Process Cream
31723.11.2020Factor Affecting Semen Quality, Semen Culture, Test for Assessment Sperm Motility, Sperm Survival and Fertilizing Capacity
31623.11.2020Diseases transmissible through semen in domestic animals