TitleDate of Seminar/Workshop
Seminar on "Emerging Vaccine Technologies" under NAHEP06 June 2020
Seminar on "Respiratory System of sheep (Special reference to sheep of Himalayan region)" under NAHEP30 May 2020
Seminar on "Basic principles and Application of Reproductive Ultrasonography in Small Ruminants " under NAHEP04 June 2020
Workshop on " Minimal Access Diagnosis and Surgery in Veterinary Practice " under NAHEP28th-30th May 2020
Virtual Seminar on "Developing Human Resources in Dairy Industry." under NAHEP20th May -22th May 2020.
Workshop on " Advances in Milk and Milk Processing" under NAHEP12th-14th May, 2020.
Seminar on " Use of Reference management tool for managing academic reference" under NAHEP9th May 2020
Seminar on "Basics of Veterinary Ophthalmology" under NAHEP6th May 2020
Seminar on "Indian Fisheries: Present status & Future Strategies for Sustainable Production " under NAHEP6th May 2020
Seminar on " Climate resilient Fresh water Aquaculture strategies " under NAHEP5th May 2020
Seminar on " Minimum Standard Protocol for Production of Frozen Semen" under NAHEP4th May 2020
Seminar on “Strategies to Optimize Reproduction by Implementing Improved Practices in Dairy Animals " under NAHEP 2nd May 2020
Workshop on " Canine Cardiology and Exotic Animal Practice " under NAHEP
16th - 19th March, 2020
National Training on "Recent advances in Livestock Products Processing " under NAHEP 06th - 07th March, 2020
Workshop on " Recent Advancements in diagnosis of Poultry Diseases of economic importance " under NAHEP 02nd-03rd March 2020.
National Training on "Modern Managemental Practices at Instructional Livestock and Poultry Farm" under NAHEP 28th-29th February, 2020
Workshop on " Unexplored Aspect of Pipettes and Consumables " under NAHEP26 February, 2020
One-day Workshop on " Development of Soft Skills for Entrepreneurship among Agri Graduates " under NAHEP 24 February, 2020
Workshop on “Use of Digital tools for teaching and research” under NAHEP 9th -10th January, 2020
Seminar on “The art and science of canine breeding” under NAHEP06th January, 2020
Seminar on " Potential Application of Bacteriophages in the Milk and Dairy Sector” under NAHEP10th December, 2019
Seminar on " Supplementation of Probiotics through Fermented dairy products” under NAHEP30th November 2019
Workshop on " Goat Nutrition in changing climatic Scenario under NAHEP14th Nov. - 15th Nov,2019.
Workshop on “Scientific Communication & Developing Winning Research Proposals” 16 Aug - 18 Aug, 2019
Two Days Training-cum-Workshop on "Recent Advances in Dairy Processing" Organized by, SGIDT Patna (BASU, Patna) under NAHEP" 03rd Sept.- 04th September,2019.
NAHEP sponsored six days' workshop on "Development of Teaching Skills" is scheduled at Bihar Veterinary College, Patna.

8th July-13th July, 2019
Five Days Training-cum-Workshop on “Chromatographic Techniques and their Applications in Research” 18th June- 22nd June, 2019
Workshop on “Scientific Communication & Developing Winning Research Proposals” 31st May - 2nd June 2019.
One-day Brainstorming session on "Feeding and Nutritional Management of Zoo/Wild animals" 17th May 2019.
Department of Veterinary Microbiology is going to organise a workshop on “Cell culture technique in animal disease diagnosis and research”14th – 17th May 2019.
Announcement of Workshop on " Recent advances in ultrasonography and soft tissue surgery" 13th May -14 May 2019.