TitleDate of Seminar/Workshop
Workshop on " Canine Cardiology and Exotic Animal Practice " under NAHEP
16th - 19th March, 2020
National Training on "Recent advances in Livestock Products Processing " under NAHEP 06th - 07th March, 2020
Workshop on " Recent Advancements in diagnosis of Poultry Diseases of economic importance " under NAHEP 02nd-03rd March 2020.
National Training on "Modern Managemental Practices at Instructional Livestock and Poultry Farm" under NAHEP 28th-29th February, 2020
Workshop on " Unexplored Aspect of Pipettes and Consumables " under NAHEP26 February, 2020
One-day Workshop on " Development of Soft Skills for Entrepreneurship among Agri Graduates " under NAHEP 24 February, 2020
Workshop on “Use of Digital tools for teaching and research” under NAHEP 9th -10th January, 2020
Seminar on “The art and science of canine breeding” under NAHEP06th January, 2020
Seminar on " Potential Application of Bacteriophages in the Milk and Dairy Sector” under NAHEP10th December, 2019
Seminar on " Supplementation of Probiotics through Fermented dairy products” under NAHEP30th November 2019
Workshop on " Goat Nutrition in changing climatic Scenario under NAHEP14th Nov. - 15th Nov,2019.
Workshop on “Scientific Communication & Developing Winning Research Proposals” 16 Aug - 18 Aug, 2019
Two Days Training-cum-Workshop on "Recent Advances in Dairy Processing" Organized by, SGIDT Patna (BASU, Patna) under NAHEP" 03rd Sept.- 04th September,2019.
NAHEP sponsored six days' workshop on "Development of Teaching Skills" is scheduled at Bihar Veterinary College, Patna.

8th July-13th July, 2019
Five Days Training-cum-Workshop on “Chromatographic Techniques and their Applications in Research” 18th June- 22nd June, 2019
Workshop on “Scientific Communication & Developing Winning Research Proposals” 31st May - 2nd June 2019.
One-day Brainstorming session on "Feeding and Nutritional Management of Zoo/Wild animals" 17th May 2019.
Department of Veterinary Microbiology is going to organise a workshop on “Cell culture technique in animal disease diagnosis and research”14th – 17th May 2019.
Announcement of Workshop on " Recent advances in ultrasonography and soft tissue surgery" 13th May -14 May 2019.