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Department of Veterinary Biochemistry


The Department of Veterinary Biochemistry at Bihar Veterinary College, Patna become full flagged department during 80’s after separating from physiology. It remained in the forefront to impart the undergraduate and post graduate teaching and research. The department has continuously provided its services and expertise for the clinical diagnosis to the veterinary clinics.

Since its creation, the department has expanded its facilities to suit the ever-changing needs in teaching and research. The department has all the specified equipment’s as per VCI-MSVE. To achieve its goal, the department has different functional laboratories. The blood biochemical profiling remains an important aspect for livestock health management, and to fulfill this need department has clinical biochemistry laboratory. Molecular biology and enzymology laboratory are performing the advanced studies in the genomic and proteomic area. Department has the culture facility to perform the in-vitro experimentation. Apart from the basic and molecular research, department of veterinary biochemistry expanding the research horizon in the cutting-edge technology like nano technology. To take a leap in the field of nano diagnostics, a biophysics and nanotechnology lab is there.


  • To provide education and training to the undergraduate students in the field of Veterinary Biochemistry.
  • To provide Research-oriented training and education to the postgraduate students in various aspects of Veterinary Biochemistry.
  • To carry out the research in the areas relevant to animal health and production.


  • UV Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Semiautomatic biochemical analyser
  • Flame photometer
  • Binocular Microscope
  • Hot air oven
  • Vertical electrophoresis unit
  • Horizontal Electrophoresis Unit
  • Autoclave
  • Ultra sonication Bath cleaner
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • Vacuum concentrator
  • Shaker Incubator
  • -20 Upright Deep Freezer

Academic Activities

U.G. Courses (As per VCI)

Sl. No.

Courses No.

Course Title

Credit Hrs.

13rd Professional YearVeterinary Biochemistry2+1


MVSc. Courses (As per ICAR)

Course NO.

Course Title

Credit Hrs

VBC 601Chemistry of Animal Cell2+0
VBC 602Techniques in Biochemistry0+2
VBC 603Applications of Genomics and Proteomics in Molecular Biology2+0
VBC 604Biochemistry of Biomolecules: Carbohydrates, Lipids and Membrane’s Structure2+0
VBC 605Enzyme Catalysis, Kinetics, Inhibition And Regulation2+0
VBC 606Metabolism-I: Carbohydrates And Lipids2+0
VBC 607Metabolism-Ii: Nucleic Acids And Amino Acids2+0
VBC 608Metabolism-Iii: Integration And Regulation2+0
VBC 609Central Dogma And Protein Function2+0
VBC 610Clinical Biochemistry Of Animals2+1
VBC 611Biochemical Basis Of Diseases Of Domestic Animals2+0
VBC 612Endocrinology And Reproductive Biochemistry2+0
VBC 613Biochemical Basis Of Animal Production2+1
VBC 691Master’s Seminar1+0
VBC 699Master’s Research20

PhD Courses (As per ICAR)

Course NO.

Course Title

Credit Hrs

VBC 705

Methods In Protein Analysis


VBC 706

Nutritional Biochemistry


VBC 707

Advances In Intermediary Metabolism


VBC 708

Endocrine Control Of Fuel Metabolism


VBC 709

Diagnostic Enzymology-I


VPY 710

Diagnostic Enzymology-II


VPY 711

Biochemistry Of Development And Differentiation


VBC 712

Advances In Techniques In Biochemistry


VBC 713

Advances In Mineral And Vitamin Metabolism And Related Diseases


VBC 790

Special Problem


VBC 791

Doctoral Seminar I


VBC 792

Doctoral Seminar II


VBC 799

Doctoral Research


PGS Non-Credit Compulsory courses

Sl. No.

Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours


PGS- 504

Basic Concepts In Laboratory Techniques


Research Activities

Completed Research Projects:

Sl. No.Title of the ProjectDurationFunding agencyPI/Co-PIs
1.Blood Profiling During Transition Period in Cross Bred Dairy Cattle and Their Association with Milk Production3 Years
BAU, SabourPI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
Co-PI: Dr. Anil Gattani
2.Evaluation of Blood Biochemical Profile in different parasitic infection in ruminants3 Years
BAU, SabourPI: Dr. Anil Gattani
Co-PI: Dr. Ajit Kumar
3.Radiographic and Sonographic screening of cardiac, hepatic and urinogenital diseases of canine1 Years
BASU, PatnaCo-PI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
4.Comparison and development of standard protocol of oestrous synchronization in anoestrous buffaloes2 Years
BASU, PatnaCo-PI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
5.Prevalence and etiopathology of early chicks mortality in poultry farms in and around Patna2 Years
BAU, SabourCo-PI: Dr. Anil Gattani

Ongoing Research Projects:

Sl. No.Title of the ProjectYear of Start Funding agencyPI/Co-PIs
1.DST FIST Programme – 20162017D.S.T, New DelhiPI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
2.National Agricultural Higher Education – Innovation Grant Project2018ICAR,New DelhiCo-PI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
3.Establishment of Embryo Transfer Technology Centre2019D.A.D.F, GOICo-PI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
4.Biofabrication of gold nanoparticles and its antiproliferative effect in cell line2018BASU, PatnaPI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
5.Colorimetric detection of E. coli, Streptococcus spp. and Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitis milk samples by optical biosensing using oligonuceleotide- Gold Nanoparticles2019BASU, PatnaPI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
6.Formulation and Evaluation of Area Specific Mineral Mixture on the performance of Dairy Cattle and Buffaloes.2018BASU, PatnaCo-PI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
7.Radiographic and Sonographic screening of cardiac, hepatic and urinogenital diseases of canine2018BASU, PatnaCo-PI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
8.Assessment of Moringa oleifera as a fodder plant2018BASU, PatnaCo-PI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
9.Metagenomic analysis of chicken gut microflora and its modulation by supplementation of tannins and virginiamycin2018BASU, PatnaCo-PI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar
10.Isolation and characterization of bacteriophages targeting food borne pathogens from sewage samples of livestock farm2018BASU, PatnaCo-PI: Dr. Ajeet Kumar

Faculty Members

S. NoNameMobile No.Email IDMore
1.Dr. Ajeet Kumar9006548498[email protected]More..
2.Dr. Anil Gattani9771041527[email protected]More..

Supporting Staff

S. NoNameDesignationMobile No.
1Sri. Yogendra PrasadLab Attendant7677587620

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Contact Details

Dr. Ajeet Kumar
Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Veterinary Biochemistry
Contact No.: +91 9006548498
Email ID.: [email protected]