Department of Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology

Department of Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology


The Department of Veterinary Public Health was established in the year 1970, with the aim of teaching, research and extension in the field of zoonoses, environmental hygiene, food hygiene, food safety and public health. Latter on Epidemiology was also included and this department was renamed as Department of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology. The department offers undergraduate and post graduate courses in each semester/ academic year.  Besides teaching the department is also involved in active research activities in the field of zoonoses and food borne diseases. We also contribute in sensitizing public and mass awareness about the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases. The department has a well-equipped molecular laboratory for PG research besides the basic laboratory facilities for UG teaching. The data processing and programming unit with dedicated computer facility and internet connectivity has been established in the department for demonstration of epidemiological tools to the students.


  • To cater the needs of teaching at Under-graduate and Post-graduate level in Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology.
  • To conduct need-based researches in the field of One health, zoonoses and epidemiology, Food hygiene, Environmental hygiene and comparative medicine.
  • To conduct mass awareness of zoonoses prevention and control, food safety, importance of sanitation & hygiene and environmental safety.


  • Molecular laboratory with PCR, Gel documentation, electrophoresis, refrigerated centrifuge, ELISA reader, shaker incubator etc.
  • Undergraduate laboratory with audio visual aids
  • Biosafety cabinet (level II) facility.
  • Data processing and programming unit with internet connectivity


Academic Activities

U.G. Courses (As per VCI)

Sl. No.

Course Title/ Course No.Credit hrs.Semester/ Professional year
1. Environment and environmental hygiene2+1IX semester
2.Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology

  • UNIT-1 (Veterinary public health and food safety)
  • UNIT-2 (Veterinary  epidemiology)
  • UNIT-3 (Zoonotic diseases)
  • UNIT-4 (Environmental hygiene)
3+13rd professional year

MVSc. Courses (As per ICAR)


Course title/ course no.Credit hrs.
1.Elements of veterinary public health1+1
2.Bacterial and rickettsial agents of public health significance2+1
3.Viral, fungal and parasitic agents of public health significance2+1
4.Zoonoses and public health2+1
5.Principles of food hygiene and safety2+1
6.Food-borne infections and intoxications2+1
7.Meat and milk hygiene2+1
8.Environmental pollution and safety3+1
9.Fish, fish products and seafood hygiene1+1
10.Bioterrorism and disaster management1+1
11.Master’s seminar1+0
12.Master’s research20


PhD Courses (As per ICAR)


Course title/ course no.Credit hrs.
1.Current topics in veterinary public health2+1
2.Emerging and reemerging zoonoses2+1
3.Quality control of animal food products2+1
4.Occupational health hazards2+1
5.Disposal and recycling of waste2+1
6.Biohazards, biosecurity and disaster management2+0
7.Food plant sanitation2+1
8.Advances in environmental pollution control2+1
9.Special problem0+2
10.Doctoral seminar I1+0
11.Doctoral seminar II1+0
12.Doctoral research45

Research Activities

Research Activities

Completed Research Projects:


Title of the ProjectDuration Funding AgencyPI/CoPI
1. Monitoring of microbiological quality of foods of animal origin with reference to E. coli and Salmonella2010-2013RAU PUSAPI – Dr. P. Kaushik

Ongoing Research Projects:

Sl. No.

Title of the ProjectDurationFunding AgencyPI/ CO PI
1.AICRP on Animal disease monitoring and surveillance2015ICARDr. Pankaj kumar-PI
Dr. P. Kaushik- CO PI
2.Outreach programme of zoonotic diseases2017ICARDr. Pradip ray –PI(RCER-ICAR)
Dr. P. Kaushik- CO PI
3. “Isolation and characterization of bacteriophage targeting food borne pathogens from sewage samples of livestock farm”2019BASUDr. Anjay – PI
Dr. P. Kaushik- CO PI
4.Indian Network of Fisheries and Animal  Antimicrobial resistance (INFAAR)2020ICARDr. P. Kaushik-  PI
Dr. Anjay- CO PI

Faculty Members

Sl. NO.

NAMEMobile No.Email IDMore
1.Dr. P. Kaushik7020456539[email protected]More..
2.Dr. Anjay8210707136[email protected]More..
3.Dr. Bhoomika9713600025[email protected]More..

Supporting Staff

S. No



Mobile No.

1Shri Chedi PaswanLaboratory Assistant
2Smt. Sugan DeviSweeper-cum-Attendant6205217973

Photo Gallary

Contact Details

Dr. Purushottam Kaushik

Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology
Bihar Veterinary College, Patna – 14 (Bihar, India)
Contact No.: +91 7020456539
Email ID.: [email protected]